With the emergence of cloud computing, virtualization, and mobility, Orianasoft is well aligned with market trends and demands, we offer the technology, processes, and people for clients’ needs to transform their IT infrastructure, achieving efficiencies, cost savings and other strategic business outcomes. This is the reason why more than 200 CIOs rely on us for cost-effective, innovative and secure infrastructure services, solutions and consulting.

We offer our clients energy-efficient green data centers, cloud computing, and managed security services, all supported by a unique enterprise service management toolset. These are just a few of the areas where our technology, industry, and domain experts are driving innovation and operational improvements. In addition, Orianasoft’s global delivery model, wide range of solutions, and contract terms provide clients with flexibility and choice in an ever-changing market.

Experience and Expertise

Quality Delivery – Orianasoft’s outcome-based delivery model and rigorous governance framework achieve the results customers expect

Choice and Flexibility – Orianasoft offers a wide spectrum of innovative, IP-based solutions that are designed for clients of all sizes and adaptable to their unique needs

Transforming Creativity into a Commodity – Orianasoft’s professionals provide industry leadership through our cost-effective, innovative, and energy-efficient service centers